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Want to become a SeaLancer?

Membership is extended to all
 certified scuba divers who are:

  • Active duty or retired military personnel and their dependents; or

  • Reserve/National Guard and current or retired DoD appropriated and non-appropriated fund civilian employees on the island of Oahu; or

  • DoD contract personnel whose normal place of business is on a DoD installation (in direct support of DoD personnel or activities). 

  Membership is relatively straightforward.  You must apply in person to fill out an application at the club during open operation hours.  The SeaLancer's Diving Club is located on Bishop Point, Hickam Air Force Base, (see map) and open on Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 1730-1930 hours. The Club is closed on Federal Holidays.

 What to bring with you: Your Diving Certification Card, Government identification/Installation Pass, and either a check or cash for your initiation fee / club dues. 

 Membership Process:  (30-45 minutes in duration)

  • Complete the Membership Application. (Verify eligibility)

  • Complete the Hazardous Material Test (Review hardcopy material and test)

  • Complete the Local Diving Safety Test (Review hardcopy material and test)

  • Complete the Hands-On Fill Station Training.

  You will then receive your provisional membership card, and begin your desired support level.
  You are required to complete two checkout dives with a current club member to obtain full membership.

 What about my family? SeaLancer's is a family oriented diving club.  As such, all family members listed on your application as certified divers will receive the same benefit.

 Do you accommodate personnel on TDY? Yes, TDY/Temporary membership is available at the same rate; ie one month's dues at the desired level, plus $5.00 initiation fee.  We have reciprocal agreements with many other DoD affiliated dive clubs, so please ask.

 What are the fees and dues for club membership?  There is a one-time initiation fee of $10 for both Single & Family applications regardless of level desired.  Membership dues are collected on a quarterly basis.  

Membership Dues (New rates effective 1 JUL 11)

    Single Family
  Monthly $15 $25

  Membership includes 24 hour access to our self service air fill station and participation in all club events.

  Referrals - Receive a free month membership for each new member sign up referral.

Maintenance Fees

SeaLancer's offers members the use of gear from one business day to the next open business day for a nominal maintenance fee as follows:
 Tank  $ 3.00
 BCD  $ 8.00
 Regulator  $10.00
 Wetsuit  $ 3.00
 Weight Belt  $ 1.00
 Dive Flag  $ 2.00
 Weights  no fee
 Gear Bag  no fee
  • Note:  Checkout period - A checkout period is defined as a period of time from when you borrow the items till the next open business day of the Club.
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Monthly Events

The Club sponsors two dives per month. The dives may be from shore or boat. The dives are conducted on weekends and advertised in the newsletter. The Club also sponsors a summer picnic/dive; a Christmas party/dive, underwater treasure hunts, and other special events throughout the year. These events are open to all club members and their families.


The Club general membership meeting is held the third Wednesday of each month at 1900. All meetings are open to all club members and their guests. During some of the club meetings we have experts that come in to discuss diving related topics such as shell collecting, underwater archeology, and deep diving just to name a few.


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